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Kemitura is a chemical/technical niche enterprise. During more than 70 years our company has been a trusted advisor for the industry, providing chemicals as well as technical equipment.

Our activities have a strong focus on improving environmental impact, safety and ongoing product development in a close collaboration with the companies we are supplying with both products and knowhow. The name Kemitura is a combination of the words (Kemi) and (Futura) (“Kemi” is “Chemistry” in Danish), in other words chemicals for the future. Our name and history gives us a strong sense of responsibility both towards our customers and to ourselves.

An example of that is our constant focus on the principle of substitution, where chemicals in use are replaced by less dangerous or more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Please contact us at kemitura@kemitura.com or by telephone +45 47 17 18 55, if you want to learn more about what we can do for you.

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