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Beige chain lubricant


gleitmo 582 is a white, adhesive semi-synthetic grease with solid lubricants, liquefied with a solvent which is free of aromatic compounds for easy penetration into the cavities of the chain.

gleitmo 582 is in liquid form when applied, but becomes a stringy, adhesive grease which can neither be thrown off nor washed away by water after the gradual evaporation of the solvent. gleitmo 582 provides reliable protection against corrosion.

Fields of application

gleitmo 582 is used for low-speed and high-speed power-transmitting chains of all types within a temperature range from -15 to +120 °C. gleitmo 582 also protects your chain when used in areas where resistance to water and steam is required.

Method of application

Prior to the application of gleitmo 582 clean the chain with a solvent. gleitmo 582 is applied manually using a brush, by spraying using a spray gun or by immersion of the chain.

We recommend lubricating the running chains on the inner side, in the unstressed area to allow an easier penetration of the lubricant. After lubrication, the solvent should be able to evaporate for approximately 30 minutes.

gleitmo 582 is also supplied in 400 ml spray cans; product code 6685.


  • temperature range: -15 / +120 °C
  • good creeping capability
  • good wetting capacity
  • excellent adhesion power
  • protects against corrosion and wear
  • has a damping and rinsing effect and is lubrication efficient
  • resistant to water and steam