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Graphited / Grease-Based

Graphited / Grease-Based

  CEPLATTYN 300 Primer for large Open Gears and for the lubrication of toothed racks and sliding surfaces
  CEPLATTYN BL Graphite-containing adhesive lubricant for the lubrication of gears, especially in wind power plants, for sliding tracks and chains
  CEPLATTYN KG 10 HMF Sprayable adhesive lubricant for large open gears
  CEPLATTYN KG 10 HMF-1000 Sprayable, high-alloyed, graphite-containing adhesive lubricant for Open Gears
  CEPLATTYN KG 10 HMF-2500 Highly-viscous sprayable adhesive lubricant for Open Gear drives, free of heavy metals and chlorine
  CEPLATTYN RN Sprayable running-in lubricant for open gears