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Fumed Silica

Fumed Silica

KemituraSil® products are used in the production industry as an thickening agent.

The products are primarely used in the making of paint and coating products, but are also a vital component in various glues and adhesives. Among other uses to be mentioned are as anti caking or free flow agents in powdered products, insulating material or as a binder in a number of products from the pharmaceutical industry as well as food production.

We have specialized in the production and development of hydrophobic fumed silica grades. These types are used in high quality products where the longest possible durability and the highest possible stability in the final product are wanted. The production process is extremely complicated, and for this reason very few producers master it.

Standard fumed silica grades from the KemituraSil range:

  • KemituraSil® AM-2-120: New second generation hydrophobic type, developed as an alternative to the most costly high-end products from the largest producers. E.g. for high quality glue for windmills
  • KemituraSil® AM-1-175 and AM-1-120: Both types are hydrophobic. Reasonably prized alternative to the more common types from other leading producers
  • KemituraSil® 120/150/200/300/380: Mid-range allround product with good stable quality at a competetive price

In order to stay among the frontrunners of innovative and high grade products, we are continously engaged in developing new fumed silica formulations.

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