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Solid Film Lubricants from FUCHS LUBRITECH

Solid Film Lubricants from FUCHS LUBRITECH


Solid film lubricants and HMP film lubricants are suitable for a multitude of materials, such as metals, plastics, and elastomers. After application on surfaces, solid film lubricants and HMP film lubricants enable a reliable, clean and dry lubrication, in particular wherever greases and oils are unwanted or not practicable.

FUCHS LUBRITECH gleitmo solid film lubricants support the running-in of highly loaded machine elements, protect against surface damages, facilitate the assembly of O-rings, make screw and nuts run smoothly and can enable lifetime lubrication in automotive applications. Depending on their field of application, they can provide corrosion protection, act as a non-stick coating and serve for noise reduction.

The HMP film lubricants of the gleitmo series enable the adjustment of specified coefficients of friction for reliable, automated assembly of fasteners, and prove themselves particularly in the automotive industry.

FUCHS LUBRITECH offers a solid film lubricants service via its subsidiary, FLT Oberflächentechnik at the Eching site. Lubricant coating is an economical process, and is a process for the future.

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