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Techno-chemical products from FUCHS LUBRITECH

Techno-chemical products from FUCHS LUBRITECH


The group of FUCHS LUBRITECH techno-chemical products includes lubricant powders, cleaning agents, thinners and, last but not least, rust looseners and corrosion preventive.

Lubricant powders are supplied as dry lubricant films in the highest purity and can also be used as pure lubricating powders or as additives to compounds.

Our cleaning agents are conceived for the residue-free cleaning of parts. Subsequent greasing or coating is thus ensured. These products are also very suitable for the cleaning of vehicles, workshops, machine parts, etc.

The thinners can be used for the dispersing of grease, grease pastes and pastes. At the same time they are also suitable for cleaning coating equipment (e.g. spray guns, centrifuge containers).

Rust looseners and corrosion preventive still have an important role, even in today’s high-tech industry. The loosening of threaded connections is made significantly easier and parts liable to corrode are protected against corrosion, either permanently or during transportation.

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