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Opening Hours:

Mon-Thu 8:30 - 16:30 & Fri 8:30 - 16:00


Welding covers, glassfiber fabric, steel surface protection, rigwash, MEG, descaler, inhibitor, anti freeze, lubricants etc.

Fumed Silica

KemituraSil®, hydrophilic, hydrofobic, thixotropic, thickening, free flow, anti lumping, insulation filler, food binder, pharma binder etc.


Silicone rubbers, PU boards, polyurethane resins, epoxy resins, rapid prototyping, vacuum casting, arts, restauration etc.


Glassfiber fabrics, glass needle mat, silica fabrics, glass tape, sewing thread, velcro tape, coated fabrics, fire protection, heat insulation etc.


Kemitura has through decades been supplying a wide range of unique products within the world of welding as well as the steel industry.


Spray applied membranes, Stirling Lloyd, Eliminator®, concrete, steel, wood, bridges & tunnels, carparks, line marking, asphalt repair etc.

Water & sewage

Pipe lubricants, silicone aerosol, extra deep PVC hole saws, jointing compound, plumbers hemp, teflon tape, petrolatum tape etc.


Cleaning agents, additives, fillers, base chemicals, sodium, solvents, silicones, inhibitors, descalers, release agents, defoamers etc.

Other Products

PVC insulation tape, alu tape, duct tape, glass band, glass tape, cyanoacrylate glue, aerosols, silicone oils etc.

About Us

Kemitura is a chemical/technical company established in 1941. The name Kemitura is a combination of the words (Kemi) and (Futura) (“Kemi” is “Chemistry” in Danish), in other words chemicals for the future. Our name and history gives us a strong sense of responsibility both towards our customers and to ourselves.

Today we are a trusted partner for many industries, providing chemicals as well as technical equipment and knowledge.

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Our activities are focused on reducing environmental impact, increasing work safety and ongoing product development in a close collaboration with the customers we are supplying.

We constantly focus on the principle of substitution, where dangerous chemicals are replaced by less harmful or more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Please contact us at or by telephone +45 47 17 18 55, to learn more about Kemituras products and services.