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The offshore sector has been Kemitura`s largest area of growth in the last decade. In this line of business we meet the highest demands for safety, quality, environmental issues, and demands for new innovative products. This constantly challenges us and forces us to develop as a company, which ultimaltely justifies our presence in the offshore market.

We have customers buying a few selected products, however, the majority wants us to assist them with chemicals in a broader perspective. This means that we operate as an integrated part of the customer`s company with the aim of securing an optimal selection of products.

Kemitura monitors new developments in legislation and follow new methods of work on behalf of our customers, making sure that all rules and regulations are followed at all time. Monitoring what happens in REACH is an example of this, and this is a natural part of our services.

Below are a few of the many products Kemitura has developed, and delivers to the offshore industry that we are especially proud of:


Release agents, Corrosion inhibitors, Defoamers, Demulsifiers, Hydrate inhibitors, Oxygen scavengers, Paraffin inhibitors, Tracer dyes, Water clarifiers.

Technical Fabrics

Fibreglass fabrics, Silica fabrics, Glass needle mats, Glass tape/ribbon, Hooks, tape.

Cleaning agents

Limestone cleaner, Universal cleaner, Basic cleaners.


Release agents, Adhesive lubricants, Greases, Gear- and Hydraulic oils, Solid lubricants, Biodegradable anti-corrosion surface treatment products.

Please contact us at and learn more about which of the chemicals that you use today, that can be substituted with better alternatives.

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