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Modelmaking covers all types of creating a physical item, from unique one-of art pieces to limited serial production items for large industry corporations. Kemitura provides the products and technical knowhow within these areas:

  • Industrial prototyping & production
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Historical restauration – construction
  • Industrial designers
  • Artists – sculptures
  • Architects
  • Educational purposes
  • Dental models
  • Forensic
  • Theatrical – props

The technological developement in the last decade, especially within rapid prototyping, have changed the market demands. We supply silicones, polyurethane and block materials, and see a steady demand for these more traditional modelmaking products. Using these materials and techniques requires a very high skill level and accuracy, because many of the production steps are “handmade”. The benefits are end results where the models are almost impossible to tell apart from actual production pieces, due to very fine detailing and overall finish.

Silicone rubber is used for models itself, but also for the moulds that enables casting of models from other materials. Our silicones will allow trapped air to escape, instead of forming bubbles, that will result in a broken or uneven surface of the final piece. The silicone needs to be flexible and release the model, but still be strong enough to endure multiple castings, still providing sharp lines and edges on the models produced. Contact us to get samples and advice about silicones for modelmaking. Depending on the task we have silicones with very different properties, here are a few..

  • Fast curing silicone
  • High temperature silicone
  • Ultra flexible silicone
  • Transparent silicone
  • Etc.

Polyurethane (PU) is provided as a hard plastic-like finish in a variety of different types, and as a more soft rubber-like texture. We supply a wide selection of PU and epoxy products. Amongst these are also UV-stable products, that enables models imitating clear glass, without turning yellow when exposed to daylight.

When producing especially larger models, modelling boards are often a part of the process, either as a substitute for wood, polystyrene or clay, or as a supplement. Several of our modelling boards customers are active within modelmaking for automotive industry and other industries. Kemitura supply a complete range of modelling boards from German producer Necumer.

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